Your Teeth

10 Fun Facts about Teeth

We all know our teeth are important for eating, talking, and smiling, but most often we overlook how cool teeth can be. Read these ten fun facts to learn how special your teeth are! According to the American Academy of

237 Years of Freedom is a Lot to Smile About

My high school mascot is a Patriot, but well before and even as a child I closely associated myself with patriotism, Americana and things “Made in U.S.A.” As we celebrate Independence Day, my mind wanders 237 years back to the

Why Do Some People Have Crooked Teeth?

The short answer:  heredity. Just as you inherit other characteristics of your parents (she has her father’s eyes), you inherit genetic instructions that determine physical aspects such as the size and shape of your jaw. Sometimes people with narrow jaws

Fun Facts About Your Teeth

The first teeth were outside the mouth. Paleontologists (people who study fossils) have presented evidence that the first teeth were specialized scales, appearing on shark-like fish around 400 million years ago. These pointy scales were positioned around the lips, where