What Patients are Saying

Hear directly from patients about their AcceleDent experiences:

AcceleDent was amazing for me because I wanted to accelerate the treatment process and it was ideal to reduce the discomfort I was experiencing.

Karen M., AcceleDent Patient

AcceleDent has been wonderful. It gave me the result that I wanted and that I didn’t think was achievable.

Tiffany T., AcceleDent Patient

Thanks to AcceleDent, what should have been a two-year ordeal took only one year. I couldn’t recommend AcceleDent more!

Miguel A., AcceleDent Patient

I really like using AcceleDent. It was super easy to use, just 20 minutes a day!

Madison W., AcceleDent Patient

AcceleDent is my best friend on adjustment day!

Sonyah M., AcceleDent Patient

I was able to convince my orthodontist to try AcceleDent on me, and am happy to report that it cut my treatment time in half! I’ve used AcceleDent EVERY single day and I LOVE IT!

Jennifer K., AcceleDent Patient

AcceleDent is truly a great device and my orthodontist has been very impressed. I told her it’s the sort of option that would compel a patient like me (who seeks out multiple second opinions!) to select an orthodontist over others.

Cynthia S., AcceleDent Patient

I am getting amazing results with AcceleDent!

Scott M., AcceleDent Patient

I got my braces off almost a year before they were supposed to because of AcceleDent

Dylan L., AcceleDent Patient

AcceleDent significantly shortened my braces treatment duration, reducing the brace alignment as well as refinement periods by half. I would recommend this to anyone!

Julie P., AcceleDent Patient

I stongly recommend AcceleDent for anyone who wants to reduce their treatment time, and it’s so easy to use!

Jean B., AcceleDent Patient

Started my orthodontic treatment in March and I am getting AMAZING results with my AcceleDent! I can’t believe the progress, and my orthodontist and staff continue to be as amazed as I am, using words like “WOW” and “This thing really works!” My projected two-year treatment period will be trimmed down to roughly nine months! Simply amazing and I couldn’t be a bigger fan!

Scott L., AcceleDent Patient

We have seen fast progress for my daughter’s orthodontic treatment from AcceleDent.  I certainly wish I had that technology when I had braces!  I’m very impressed with how easy it is to use and the progress that my daughter Amy has made within a year’s time.

Jennifer A., AcceleDent Patient

My teeth are beautiful and in 9 months. It feels too good to be true. I am in a place so far beyond thrilled that I never even knew existed. I am seriously an evangelist for AcceleDent. As they say, I’m on fire with the brand and most importantly my results.

Fred C., AcceleDent Patient

I love the device. I found it online in a news article and introduced it to my orthodontist. He now offers it to his patients.

Sally S., AcceleDent Patient

I found using AcceleDent straightforward and uncomplicated – it was easy to include the 20 minutes routine into my day.  It’s great to know that I won’t need to travel back from the north for more treatment, and I am extremely happy with the result.

Alex M., AcceleDent Patient

After using AcceleDent when getting my braces on, I saw a dramatic change within only one month. My bottom teeth have always been severely crowded; it was one of my main concerns when making the decision to get braces. When I was told that there was a new device called AcceleDent and it could speed up my treatment, I did not hesitate to begin using it. Within the time period of 1 month I saw change take place that I had no idea was possible to happen that fast. AcceleDent has sped up my treatment incredibly, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in search of getting orthodontic treatment done with immaculate speed. Not only is it lightweight, but it only takes 20 minutes out of my day to do, which is especially nice with being a full time student and working full time. Thanks to AcceleDent I will be getting my braces off quicker, allowing me to have the smile I’ve always wanted.

Victoria R., AcceleDent Patient

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