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What’s in the AcceleDent® OptimaTM Box

How to Open the AcceleDent® OptimaTM Case

How to Fit the AcceleDent® OptimaTM Aligner in the Case

How to Clean AcceleDent® OptimaTM

Introducing AcceleDent® OptimaTM

Introducing AcceleDent®

AcceleDent answers two questions often associated with orthodontic treatment: How long is treatment? And, will there be any discomfort associated with treatment? AcceleDent, Leader in Accelerated Orthodontics™, is an FDA-cleared, class II medical device clinically proven to move teeth up to 50% faster. Simple-to-use and hands-free, AcceleDent is clinically shown to reduce discomfort that may be associated with orthodontic treatment. AcceleDent is the fast, safe and gentle way to speed orthodontic treatment.

AcceleDent Aura Use and Care Video

AcceleDent Aura from Propel Orthodontics is a simple-to-use, hands-free device designed for faster orthodontic treatment. AcceleDent uses SoftPulse Technology™ to speed up tooth movement. It does this by generating small vibrations called micropulses to gently accelerate the movement of your teeth as they are guided by your orthodontics. These micropulses can also help make your orthodontics more comfortable.

Corporate Video – Our Story

Smile. Smile more. Smile bigger. And now, smile faster. This groundbreaking technology is designed for faster orthodontic treatment. Discover: AcceleDent Aura.

 Adjusting AcceleDent for a Functional Appliance

The following video instructs orthodontic professionals on the proper method of adjustment of AcceleDent Mouthpieces with Functional Appliances for patient use.