OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc. Receives Clearance from Korean FDA for AcceleDent™

Houston, TX, September 26, 2012 – OrthoAccel® Technologies has just received official clearance from the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) to begin commercial sales of its AcceleDent™ orthodontic device in South Korea.

“I’m extremely gratified by this news,” says Mr. Sung-ku Hong, CEO of Inno DMC, the exclusive South Korean distributor.“AcceleDent™ is an important advancement in orthodontic care and I’m certain it will be welcomed by Korean orthodontists and their patients.”

Michael K. Lowe, CEO of OrthoAccel® Technologies, adds, “We’ve been eager to open the South Korean market since first entering into a distribution agreement with Inno DMC back in 2010. This is an exciting step, marking the company’s first movement into the Asia Pacific region.”

AcceleDent™ is a lightweight, hands-free appliance used at home to speed up the rate of orthodontic treatment. It’s used 20 minutes a day by biting gently on the mouthpiece to hold it in place. Patients are then free to engage in normal activities, like reading, texting, or watching TV, during the treatment. Sales of AcceleDent™ have increased rapidly since it received FDA clearance in November, 2011.

The addition of the South Korean market continues a trend that has seen OrthoAccel® expand into over 20 international markets as well as the United States.

About OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc.

Based in Houston, Texas, OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned medical device company currently engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of products to enhance dental care and orthodontic treatment. OrthoAccel® developed and sells AcceleDent™, the first FDA-cleared clinical approach to safely accelerate orthodontic tooth movement by applying gentle vibrations, micropulses, as a complement to existing orthodontic treatment. More information can be found at www.acceledent.com and www.acceledent.co.uk or requested via info@orthoaccel.com.

Media Contact: Kathleen Malaspina +1 (832) 631-1659

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