OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc. Launches Investigator Initiated Research Program with Announcement of Four Inaugural Grant Recipients

Four Academic Research Institutions to Investigate Advancements in Accelerated Orthodontics

HOUSTON (Dec. 11, 2013) OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc. launches its Investigator Initiated Research Program by awarding initial grants to four academic research institutions. With patient demand steadily trending towards faster orthodontic treatment, OrthoAccel developed the grant program to generate more evidence-based research about accelerated orthodontics.

OrthoAccel manufactures AcceleDent® Aura, the only FDA-cleared, Class II medical device that has been proven to accelerate orthodontic treatment up to 50 percent.

“We originally went to market with AcceleDent because we knew consumers wanted faster orthodontic treatments,” said Mike Lowe, president and CEO of OrthoAccel. “With that trend continuing, OrthoAccel’s Investigator Initiated Research Program will support academic researchers as they discover new uses for AcceleDent while also expanding clinical knowledge about accelerated orthodontics through applied biomedical research.”

OrthoAccel awarded the inaugural four grants to the following universities, which are listed with the proposed study title:

  • Marquette University

               “Effect of mechanical vibration on orthodontic tooth movement ex vivo”

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham

               “An investigation of time usage during orthodontic treatment”

  • University of Colorado

               “Vibratory stimulation therapy for pain reduction after orthodontic archwire insertion”

  • University of Connecticut

                “Biomarkers of orthodontic tooth movement with fixed appliances and vibration appliance therapy – a randomized clinical trial”

Each grant application was reviewed and evaluated based on, but not limited to, its alignment to OrthoAccel’s corporate strategy, investigator’s credentials and proposal quality. Zaffer Syed, OrthoAccel’s director of clinical and regulatory affairs, led the review team.

“We’re very impressed with the initial round of research proposals and look forward to making this an annual program,” said Syed. “Just as AcceleDent is a novel orthodontic innovation that’s now offered in over 1,000 locations in the United States and Canada, OrthoAccel’s Investigator Initiated Research Program strives to foster even more innovation and drive enhanced improvements to orthodontic treatment and overall oral care.

Syed added that independent research is important to advancing knowledge about OrthoAccel’s products and treatments and that the entire orthodontic industry can potentially benefit from these funded studies.

Orthodontists interested in learning more about AcceleDent Aura or how to offer the technology at their practice can locate an OrthoAccel sales representative at AcceleDent.com/orthodontists or call 866-866-4919.

About OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc.

Based in Houston, Texas, OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned medical device company currently engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of products to enhance dental care and orthodontic treatment. OrthoAccel developed and sells AcceleDent® Aura, the first FDA-cleared clinical approach to safely accelerate orthodontic tooth movement by applying gentle micropulses via SoftPulse Technology® as a complement to existing orthodontic treatment. More information can be found at www.acceledent.com and www.acceledent.co.uk or requested via info@orthoaccel.com.


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