OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc. Introduces Direct Sales Organization

Houston, TX, February 8, 2012 – OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc. developers of the AcceleDent™ System, a new device to accelerate orthodontic treatment, announced this week that a direct sales organization, including both field Territory Managers and inside telephone representatives, has been hired and is effective immediately.

AcceleDent™ is a simple, removable appliance that an orthodontic patient wears in the mouth for 20 minutes daily to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement.  The device was cleared by FDA for use by patients in the United States in November 2011.  A Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial recently conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio demonstrated, with statistical significance, that tooth movement could be safely accelerated by 38% to 50% during space closure and even more so during the alignment phase. OrthoAccel® has been shipping AcceleDent outside of the United States for nearly 2.5 years.

Dwight Schnaitter, Vice President of Sales at OrthoAccel®, commented on the importance of a direct selling effort, “OrthoAccel has invested in two university clinical studies to prove the efficacy and safety of AcceleDent. The technical nature of the data requires a very knowledgeable and experienced industry expert to effectively present how our unique product safely shortens treatment time in the hands of an orthodontic specialist. We have been very fortunate to hire a team of talented people, all with long track records of industry success, to carry our unique offering to the orthodontic specialty.”

The field sales team includes eight Territory Managers, each bringing significant experience and track record in the orthodontic industry.  Jenny Parker, based in California, is a former National Sales Manager in the industry, who has also consistently managed a top 10% territory for over 20 years.  John Berry works out of the Michigan market and recently grew an existing, competitive orthodontic territory to nearly 60% market share.  David Solomon covers the Ohio market and surrounding areas and successfully increased revenue in an orthodontic territory by nearly 600% over an eight year period.  Dave Ward, who splits time over the Colorado and Arizona markets, brings previous Top Sales Producer awards from four different organizations, all within the orthodontic industry.  Brett Kowald, based in the corporate Texas market, was recently recognized as Territory Manager of the Year at a top orthodontic company.  Mike Knutson works out of Indianapolis and has delivered a five-fold increase in territory revenue over a decade and a half tenure within the orthodontic industry.  Brian Monney covers New York and the northeast and brings significant track record across various sales and marketing functions, including multiple #1 Sales Representative awards, from a well-known orthodontic company.

The team is also highlighted by the experience of Christopher Bodish in a sales consulting capacity.  Mr. Bodish brings 34 years of sales experience and an extensive track record of notable accomplishments within the orthodontic industry including top sales production, significant growth, hiring and development of sales organizations, and accolades ranging from Inner Circle Awards for Managers to Sales Representative of the Year awards.  Bodish remarked, “The combination of solid medical science affords the clinician to make an evidence based decision on accelerated tooth movement. This is the first time I’ve witnessed such due diligence prior to a product launch.  This non- invasive patient participation promotes bone remodeling and improves the quality of orthodontics. This is a great opportunity to help the orthodontic community market their practices to children and adults.”

The first annual sales meeting and training session is scheduled for the week of February 6, 2012 at the corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas.  David Solomon expressed his excitement about the potential for this new technology, “This is a major step forward for orthodontic practitioners.  Doctors now have the ability to significantly shorten treatment times while providing many clinical benefits to the patient throughout the entire course of treatment.”  Jenny Parker added “It’s an exciting time for the orthodontic profession and the orthodontic patient. The AcceleDent System answers one the patient’s main concerns, which is the length of treatment time.  AcceleDent allows a patient to participate in the answer by reducing overall treatment time.”

The sales organization is further supplemented by a two-person telephone sales team to manage inbound and outbound calls.  Jessica Payne brings experience from the orthopedic medical device industry, and Suzanne McKay brings relevant insight as a past orthodontic assistant in two separate offices, as well as inside and outside sales experience with multiple orthodontic companies.

OrthoAccel® also announced plans to incorporate a user-friendly “Territory Manager Finder” into its website for the convenience of orthodontic offices.

About OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc.
Based in Houston, Texas, OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned medical device company currently engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of products to enhance dental care and orthodontic treatment.

About the AcceleDent™ System
AcceleDent™ represents the first clinical approach to safely accelerate orthodontic tooth movement via modulating bone biology. The device has been studied clinically and applies gentle pulsing forces in combination with standard orthodontics to move teeth faster through accelerated bone remodeling.  More information can be found at www.acceledent.com and www.acceledent.co.uk/ or requested viainfo@orthoaccel.com

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