Leading Orthodontists Accelerate Patient Treatment with AcceleDent

Drs. Robert Miller and Straty Righellis recommend AcceleDent as a new device that accelerates orthodontic treatment 

HOUSTON (Oct. 9, 2013) — Leading orthodontists release case studies proving that a new, FDA-approved medical device, AcceleDent, accelerates orthodontic treatment. Dr. Robert Miller, worldwide, board certified orthodontic lecturer and past president of the Virginia Association of Orthodontics, prescribed AcceleDent to a 45-year-old female patient who then completed braces treatment 10 months ahead of schedule, and Dr. Straty Righellis, Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, prescribed AcceleDent to a 49-year-old female patient who then completed treatment six months early.

Available by prescription only, AcceleDent is a hands-free medical device that uses SoftPulse Technology ® to accelerate tooth movement with just 20 minutes of daily use.

Miller’s patient was in treatment to correct a Class II Open Bite and was projected to wear braces for 24 to 30 months; however, by using AcceleDent daily as prescribed,  she completed in 10 months and did not have to undergo surgery or extractions. Similarly, Righellis’ patient was projected to wear braces for 18 months to eliminate spacing and to correct a functional cross bite, but completed treatment in just 12 months by using the medical device as prescribed.

“I am recommending AcceleDent because I have seen in my patients that teeth move at a faster rate than I would normally expect,” said Righellis who practices in Oakland, Calif. “In addition to moving teeth at a faster rate than expected, my AcceleDent patients report minimal sensitivity after each adjustment compared to other patients.”

Righellis and Miller are members of the OrthoAccel Key Opinion Leadership Group organized by AcceleDent’s parent company and comprised of a diverse group of world-class clinicians. The group presents their scientific and clinical evidence behind the device’s groundbreaking technology to educate other orthodontists about AcceleDent.

“It’s important that we share the results of our case studies with our peers as it demonstrates that AcceleDent is a quality medical device that lives up to its claims,” said Miller, owner of Miller Orthodontists in Warrenton, Va. “Our evidence-based results are especially important since AcceleDent is  a leading medical device that enhances and accelerates orthodontic movements.”

Orthodontists and staff members interested in learning more about AcceleDent Aura or how to offer the technology through their practice, can locate an OrthoAccel representative at AcceleDent.com/orthodontists or by calling 866-866-4919. Drs. Miller and Righellis case studies are available on AcceleDent’s doctor portal.

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