Hi-tech Help For Braces

Houston, TX. May 19, 2010
Houston – Open wide!!!

Although, when it comes to wearing braces, is there anything to smile about?

A small Houston company, OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc., is working on a product that could give a teen you know a big grin. The company claims it can cut down on the amount of time you have to bite down with all the wires and metal in your mouth.

It’s called the AcceleDent System

It looks like a vibrating mouth guard, the company calls it micro pulsation. Think of it as a massage for your teeth. There’s more going on here, because just as dentists use pressure with braces to tear down bone and build new bone, this device is supposed to speed the process up. The product claims to decrease the time braces are in your mouth at least 30 percent. That’s eight months early if you have to wear braces for two years.

A docking station keeps track of use and you have to wear it 20 minutes a day to be effective. The FDA is currently reviewing it, which is necessary to make the product available at an orthodontist near you. It’s currently for sale in Great Britain and Australia for between $700 and $900.

Enough to make you smile?

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