First Patient in United Kingdom Treated with AcceleDent

Houston, TX, October 22, 2009 – OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc., developers of the AcceleDent System, which is an acceleration device for orthodontics, has just completed the sale of the product to several key opinion leaders in the United Kingdom. Doctors Gerry Bellman, Angelos Alvanos and Asif Chatoo are in private practice in the London area while Dr. Lars Christensen is in private practice in Oxford.
Dr. Bellman, an orthodontic specialist, is the first to treat a patient outside of the USA where the company has been conducting human clinical trials. The patient is a 28 year old female initially being treated with a fixed orthodontic appliance and with a treatment plan to later include a clear aligner (Invisalign). The doctor and patient were very excited by how easy the AcceleDent System is to use and look forward to a significantly reduced treatment time. Dr. Bellman commented, “I was very excited to fit the first AcceleDent appliance to a patient in the UK. It was extremely easy to fit and my patient found it very simple to position in her mouth and use. I look forward to monitoring the accelerated movement of her teeth over the coming months.”


Results from the initial clinical trial demonstrated an overall tooth movement rate of 2.1 mm per month, which is 30% to 50% faster than what is reported in the literature. This same study further demonstrated the safety of the AcceleDent System through a detailed measurement and statistical analysis of root resorption yielding mean values below 0.5 mm. It should be noted that 0.5 mm is well below the levels of 2 mm, or one-third of the root length, considered to be clinically significant by researchers.
OrthoAccel Technologies, a start-up company, is presently controlling the availability of the AcceleDent System in the UK to a select group of orthodontic specialists. In this manner the product presentation, doctor support materials and company logistical systems can be fine tuned before a broader market release planned for October 2010.
About OrthoAccel
Based in Houston, Texas, OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc., is the developer of the AcceleDent System, a new device for enhancing orthodontic care. This device has been studied to verify that it safely reduces treatment duration for wearing braces by applying gentle pulsing forces in combination with standard orthodontics to move teeth faster through accelerated bone remodeling. Importantly, the device works complimentary with all existing orthodontic technologies.
About the AcceleDent System
AcceleDent represents the first clinical approach to safely accelerate orthodontic tooth movement via modulating biology. The device has been studied clinically and applies gentle pulsing forces in combination with standard orthodontics to move teeth faster through accelerated bone remodeling. Importantly, the device works complementary with all existing orthodontic technologies. AcceleDent is neither FDA cleared nor FDA approved; it is currently investigational only in the United States. More information can be found at or requested via

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