Court Rules in Favor of OrthoAccel Technologies

Today, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas today ruled in favor of OrthoAccel in our lawsuit against an unethical competitor, Propel Orthodontics, granting a preliminary injunction that prohibits them from using false and misleading advertising claims while the litigation proceeds.

This is an important victory for OrthoAccel Technologies, and a victory for the orthodontic industry in maintaining its high standards for patient safety and quality outcomes. Orthodontists deserve to be confident that a supplier’s claims are backed by clinical evidence that is rigorously obtained and scientifically sound. It is wrong that doctors and patients were misled by Propel’s false claims.

The Court found that “Propel is not a legitimate competitor.”  The Court agreed that Propel’s claims are false and misleading. These claims include (a) “accelerating tooth movement;” (b) “stimulating bone growth and tooth movement;” (c) “fast tracking retention;” (d) “relieving orthodontic pain;” (e)” working more quickly and effectively than AcceleDent.”

OrthoAccel’s portfolio of clinical evidence and patient cases are the bedrock for the trust that we have built with doctors and patients. We invite anyone to review these cases on our website:

We value fair and honest competition. Our hard working team are industry leaders because of their strong reputation for helping orthodontists and patients get the results they want. We will not stand by while a competitor uses false and misleading claims that could harm our reputation and the reputation of growing accelerated orthodontics category, and we’re glad that the court agreed with our stance.

In the information gathering phase of this case, we unintentionally inconvenienced some doctors. We offer our sincere apology to those affected. While it was necessary, if we could have pursued our case effectively without contacting doctors, we would have done so.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Michael K. Lowe
CEO, OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc.