Clinically Tested SoftPulse Technology®

AcceleDent, with CE Mark approval, is a FDA-cleared class II medical device that increases the predictability of clinical outcomes4, helping clinicians gain more control and deliver predictable results, even with challenging tooth movements. AcceleDent has been clinically shown to accelerate tooth movement by up to 50%1,2, while also significantly reducing the pain and discomfort associated with treatment by up to 71%3, helping patients to become more compliant.

  Decreased Pain & Discomfort
  Gentle with SoftPulse Technology
  More Control with Difficult Tooth Movements
1Accelerated tooth movement does not necessarily correlate to shorter duration of treatment. Individual results may vary.
2Based on company-sponsored, randomized-controlled, blinded clinical trials.One study results showed the AcceleDent group was significantly faster than the sham control group in moving teeth in the ITT and PP groups by 50% (p=0.0496) and 38% (p=0.0234), respectively. Gakunga, P., Anthony, R. OA-02 Effect of Cyclic Loading (Vibration) on Orthodontic Tooth Movement. 2011. Unpublished study used for FDA clearance. Another study ITT analysis showed an average monthly rate of tooth movement in the AcceleDent group was 1.16 mm/month (95% CI: 0.86-1.46; 48.1 ± 7.1% faster) compared to 0.79 mm/month (95% CI: 0.49-1.09) in the control group, with a mean difference of 0.37 mm/month (95% CI: 0.07-0.81, P = 0.05), while the PP analysis showed significantly faster movement of the retracting cuspids when vibration was applied (P = 0.02). Typodonts with mounted mini screws and bonded brackets were used during this study for measuring error relating to tooth movement. Pavlin, D., Anthony, R., Raj, V., Gakunga, P.T. Cyclic loading (vibration) accelerates tooth movement in orthodontic patients: a double-blind, randomized controlled trial. Semin Orthod. 2015;21:187–194.
3 Based on a randomized, controlled and parallel group clinical trial conducted during a four-month period. Because of possible unwanted treatment effects of bite wafers on pain reporting, the authors chose not to use a sham device that may have a bite wafer effect. Therefore, this study cannot dismiss the possibility that a placebo effect from AcceleDent may have influenced the results. Lobre, W.D., Callegari, B.J., Gardner, G., Marh, C.M., Bush, A.C., and Dunn, W.J. Pain Control in Orthodontics Using a Micropulse Vibration Device: A Randomized Clinical Trial. The Angle Orthodontist, 2015.
4Based on doctor testimonials on file.