Dental Care & Hygiene

Get the Bite Right: Starting Your Child’s Orthodontic Treatment Early

Plus, ten signs your child needs orthodontic attention The early years of your child’s life are the most important when it comes to development and health—specifically dental health. From the emergence of the first baby teeth to later stage permanent

In the Past, How Did People Care for Their Teeth?

There’s a still-famous French play from the 1700s called Candide. In it the character Dr. Pangloss exclaims, “Surely this is the best of all possible worlds.” When it comes to dental hygiene however, it’s certain most of us would agree

A Brief History of Orthodontics

Results from a recent survey conducted by the online dating service reveal that, upon meeting, the first things people notice about one another are grammar and teeth. While we don’t know how much grammar was a factor to the