Case 018 Palleck

Patient Information - Case ID: 018

  • Male
  • 51 Years
  • Braces
  • Insignia

Estimated Treatment Time

18-24 MONTHS

Actual Treatment Time with AcceleDent



  • Class I
  • Severe crowding

This patient was Dr. Palleck’s first AcceleDent patient. His son was getting married in 10 months so she had a 10 month window to complete his treatment.


  • Custom Insignia brackets

Dr. Palleck completed his treatment in 9 months and in time for his son’s wedding!

"I could have done a little bit more detailing with him but I would have to take his braces off. He had 8 appointments including his banding and debating so we had 6 adjustments and it really revealed to me the potential for AcceleDent."

– Dr. Sonia Palleck