Case 011 Mayhew

Patient Information - Case ID: 011

  • Female
  • 68 Years
  • Aligners
  • Invisalign
  • Dr. Michael Mayhew
  • OP Smiles
  • Boone/Wilkesboro, NC

Estimated Treatment Time


Actual Treatment Time with AcceleDent



  • Class I
  • Crowding
  • Deep bite
  • Narrow arches

Patient Concern(s): Lower teeth have been shifting for a long time and there is discomfort in lower teeth with chewing


Dentist Concern(s): Concerned about alignment and stated it may be necessary to have #25 extracted to align teeth


  • Invisalign®
  • 63 total aligners
  • No refinement (at patient‘s request)
  • 3-4 day aligner change

In the ClinCheck® setup instructions, Dr. Mayhew requested all arch width expansion be staged before any incisor alignment so that he had options during the treatment period to determine how feasible a non-extraction solution would be.


Dr. Mayhew requested aligner changes at 1 week intervals in the ClinCheck setup. To account for the accelerated movement anticipated with AcceleDent, he instructed the patient to change aligners every 3-4 days as she was able to properly fit the next appliance.


The use of AcceleDent “allowed the treatment to progress more rapidly to reveal that the treatment could progress toward completion without extraction as opposed to lengthy treatment only to learn that an extraction would be required, then space closure."

– Dr. Michael Mayhew