What Does Your Smile Say About You?

There is a very well-known adage that declares, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If this is true, how many words is a smile worth? Whether you are looking for professional success, social growth, or personal relationships, one of the most important keys is your smile.

A simple, sincere smile can attract more than just admiring looks; much more importantly, it helps show others that you have a confident and outgoing personality which attracts others to engage with you on a more personal level.

Importance of Smiling Sincerely

For many people, a smile helps gauge a person’s mood; however, people smile when experiencing all sorts of emotions such as nervousness, fear, embarrassment and confusion. Looking deeper, a person’s eyes can help you reveal the true emotions behind a smile, as muscles around a person’s eyes generally cannot be forced to appear happy. When a person smiles sincerely, his or her cheeks rise and the skin around the eyes often crease.  In certain countries where suppressing emotion is a cultural norm, people often use a person’s eyes to help gauge emotion.

Smiling and Success

A smile helps convey confidence, poise and professionalism. People who project a positive outlook are generally open to change, new possibilities, greater happiness and increased success.  Researchers during a recent study followed a group of women for 30 years to determine the lifetime benefits of smiling. The women who displayed genuinely happy smiles in their late teen photos generally experienced happy marriages and an overall sense of well-being during their later years.

Remember, facial expressions affect perceptions during almost every personal social interaction. If you are seeking personal improvement in a certain area, a sincere smile could just be the key to your success!