The Magical History of the Tooth Fairy

February 22 is National Tooth Fairy Day. As you’re remembering how magical the tooth fairy was when you were a kid, you might also be wondering where the tooth fairy myth originated in the first place.

Ancient History

Several centuries ago in Europe, it was common to bury a child’s baby tooth in the ground, usually either in a field or garden near the child’s home. Back then, it was believed that doing this would lead to a permanent replacement tooth. It is also said that a child’s tooth was buried was because of the European superstition that a witch could weave a curse if she were able to get ahold of a child’s tooth, hair or nail clipping.

America’s Adoption of the Myth

The legend of the Tooth Fairy was brought to America when Europeans started immigrating across the Atlantic, bringing their customs along with them. With newly populated cities making gardens and fields scarce, parents resorted to placing their child’s tooth in a planter box or flowerpot. It wasn’t too long before the custom  evolved again and the tooth was placed under the child’s pillow. Parents would then wait until night while their child was asleep to exchange their tooth for money or a special treat, and the idea of the Tooth Fairy was born.

Be sure to make your loved ones smile this February 22 with your Magical History of the Tooth Fairy knowledge!