The Benefits of AcceleDent and Clear Aligners

At Shefferman Orthodontics in Washington DC, we have seen a tremendous interest in looking good and being healthy.  A great smile is a big part of that lifestyle. There’s no age limit to the appeal of a beautiful smile; patients from eight to 80 have enjoyed greater health and self-confidence from orthodontic treatment.

The benefits of a beautiful healthy smile are many and treatment options, like Invisalign®, have made orthodontics more accessible for teens and adults who have concerns about esthetics during orthodontic treatment. Invisalign has addressed the need for esthetics during orthodontic treatment, but the truth is that even with an esthetic solution, standard Invisalign treatment can still feel like a lengthy process.

The real game changer for my patients has been the addition of AcceleDent® to their treatment plans. The combination of clear aligners and AcceleDent has a lot of appeal for my patients:

  • Patients change their aligners every seven days instead of the standard 14, translating into a 50% reduction in length of treatment
  • Patients with very specific treatment time goals (weddings, relocations, graduations, etc.) now have an increased probability of reaching those goals
  • AcceleDent reduces discomfort, thus improving the patient’s experience and increasing their dedication to wearing their aligners
  • 20 minutes a day of use is a small time investment for a huge return!
  • In my experience, AcceleDent improves the “fit” of each set of aligners, reducing the need for refinements (another time saver!)

The bottom line is that people want great results, and they want it sooner rather than later, with the least amount of disruption to how they feel and how they live their lives. AcceleDent delivers on all counts. I’ve seen it deliver greater comfort and faster treatment completion time after time, and my patients are thrilled.


Dr. John Shefferman, Shefferman Orthodontics

Dr. John Shefferman has been practicing in the Washington, DC, area for over 25 years. Dr. Shefferman has been rated as the “#1 Orthodontist” in Washington, DC by Consumers Checkbook Magazine, and for the past 18 years, been voted by his peers as one of the “Top Orthodontists” in the entire Washington, DC area by Washingtonian Magazine. Dr. Shefferman strives to provide his patients with exceptional orthodontic treatment in the most caring, innovative, and comfortable environment possible. Dr. Shefferman is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists and American Dental Association.