Snacking With Braces

Individuals undergoing orthodontic treatment have to make some adjustments to their eating habits, as some foods and snacks can damage or break the appliances on their teeth. Some snacks should be avoided altogether like popcorn, nuts, raw vegetables, granola bars or anything too crunchy or chewy. Here are some tips that can help make snacking with braces easier.

Enjoy More Smoothies

Smoothies are great for those times you want to enjoy a sweet treat. Just get out the blender and toss in your favorite berries and/or fruits, add some yogurt, honey, a few ice cubes, and a dash of orange juice and blend it together. Tossing in some spinach or kale can make a smoothie more filling and nutritious. Don’t be afraid to experiment, as there are many different ways to put together a tasty smoothie.

Think Soft

The first few days wearing braces may be uncomfortable as you get used to having braces on your teeth. Most people do not feel like chewing much, which is fine. Try some soft snacks that don’t require much chewing like cheese, bananas, pudding, grapes and regular and frozen yogurt.

Steer Clear of Chewy Foods

You should avoid all overly chewy snacks, especially after first getting braces and following adjustment appointments when your appliances are tightened. When you do eat snacks that are somewhat chewy, avoid biting into them with your front teeth so you don’t bend or break anything. Simply cut the snack into small bite-sized pieces and chew with your back teeth.

These snacking tips can help you avoid doing damage to your braces allowing your orthodontic treatment will stay on track. Getting your braces off in a timely manner is important as it means you’ll have your brand new smile as soon as possible.