Selfie Ready Smile

Whether you’re showing off a great background scene or updating your social media profile picture, the selfie has become one of the most prominent staples of the internet culture. Since a selfie is meant to be seen and shared by others, here are a few quick tips to help you take picture perfect selfies.

Practice Makes Perfect
A great selfie is one that appears natural and not too posed. Relax and smile naturally while snapping several shots. Practice different poses to showcase your best features. Instead of staring right into the camera, look off to the side a bit as your photo will be more natural.

Find the Right Light
Lighting can make or break a selfie which makes it essential to find the right lighting. The best lighting will cast a natural glow on your skin so try to take your photo near a window or go outside for a shot taken in natural light.

Take Advantage of Photo Apps for Enhancement
There are many great photo apps to choose from that can take a ho-hum selfie and turn it into a “Wow!” selfie. Try to find an app with a filter effect that softens photos, as this will provide your selfie with a nice dreamlike effect. Don’t be afraid to touch up a photo using an airbrush tool as you can enhance or brighten some of your best facial features.

It’s so easy to take a great selfie! Regardless of the background you choose or the pose you decide to strike, don’t forget to show off your smile, as it’s one of your greatest assets!