OrthoAccel is Proud to Announce a New U.S. Patent for AcceleDent®

New Patent

The OrthoAccel® Technologies Inc. team is very excited to announce a recently issued patent for our AcceleDent technology that helps accelerate orthodontic treatment up to 50 percent. This important patent from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a “Vibrating Orthodontic Remodeling Device” clearly demonstrates the OrthoAccel team’s commitment to innovation. It also further strengthens our overall portfolio of patents on AcceleDent’s capabilities of being able to move teeth faster to enhance orthodontic treatment.

 Now Available in Over 1,000 U.S. Locations

The issuance of this patent along with the rapid market adoption are important milestones for our company of which we are very proud. AcceleDent has proven to be a groundbreaking new entry in case acceleration and is offered by a growing number of orthodontists across the U.S. who attest to AcceleDent’s effectiveness to expedite tooth movement and to provide patients with dramatically faster treatment.

 Fast, Safe and Gentle

OrthoAccel Technologies is well-positioned as a leader in accelerated tooth movement. A patient using AcceleDent, our lightweight, simple-to-use, hands-free device for just 20 minutes daily benefits from faster tooth movement that may contribute to a significantly shortened treatment. In addition to clinical study data, doctor and patient testimonials have confirmed AcceleDent’s claims of being a fast, safe and gentle way to speed orthodontic treatment.

 SoftPulse Technology®

AcceleDent is a FDA-cleared, Class II medical device that uses SoftPulse Technology to transmit a light force pulse that helps accelerate bone remodeling to move teeth faster. AcceleDent has received positive feedback from orthodontic industry leaders and their patients who have seen remarkable results firsthand. The new patent we recently received for this game-changing technology confirms what we’ve known all along – that AcceleDent is a revolutionary new way to speed orthodontic treatment in a safe, comfortable and simple-to-use manner!