Maintaining Your Perfect Smile Once Your Braces Are Off

Once you complete your orthodontic treatment and your braces come off it’s time to celebrate your brand new, straight smile! This is also when you become responsible for taking care of your new and improved teeth. It is important to follow your orthodontist’s instructions post-braces to ensure your beautiful smile lasts a lifetime.

Wear Your Retainer

Your retainer is designed to hold your teeth in their new positions while the bone rebuilds itself after treatment. Your teeth are the most vulnerable to movement immediately following the removal of your braces since they are used to being in a mobile state. It is recommended to wear your retainer every night for the first three months as that is the average amount of time it takes for teeth to stabilize once braces come off. However, every patient is different and your orthodontist may give you other directions to follow.

Oral Hygiene

It’s also essential to maintain good oral hygiene. Keeping up with your oral hygiene routine will prevent issues such as tooth decay, gum disease and even tooth loss from developing. Be proactive by brushing your teeth after meals and flossing once per day before going to bed.

Enjoy Your Smile

When you take good care of your new smile, it should last you a lifetime! Show off your beautiful new smile every chance you get. You’ve certainly earned the right to smile with pride after completing orthodontic treatment.