Is Accelerated Orthodontics Right for You?

As an adult, when thinking about orthodontic treatment, there is one important question to ask yourself: why now?

Perhaps as an adult, you can now afford the treatment or perhaps you are simply more mindful of the health and dental benefits associated with straight teeth.

Whatever the motivation behind seeking braces later in life, adults undergoing orthodontic treatment will ask their orthodontist the same question with a mixture of eagerness and dread: how long will I have to wear my braces?

This universal interest in time, the question of how long, is connected to multiple anxieties. Patients are eager to know how long their day-to-day lives will be affected, and understandably so. Wearing any type of orthodontic braces is still relatively inconvenient, even with the great leaps in modern orthodontia in recent years.

There is also the matter of cosmetics. While adult braces have become increasingly common, many patients still feel conscious of the way that orthodontics affect their appearance. While procedures including invisible aligners are becoming increasingly popular, cosmetic concerns still trouble many people seeking orthodontic treatment later in life.

Accelerated orthodontics is often the answer to the two issues discussed above, as both concerns are associated with time. Studies suggest that condensing time into smaller amounts allows the mind, and even the body, to associate displeasing conditions with durability. In other words, if you know that something will end sooner rather than later, the experience is less unpleasant to you; allowing the mind and body to tolerate more.

Micropulses to reduce time

Accelerated orthodontics with AcceleDent® work with a series of micropulses, which encourage the remodelling of the jaw structure at a quicker rate. This vibrating technique is also used in other parts of the body, particularly to accelerate healing in fractured bones. When used on the teeth, the pulsating technique, combined with the force of the patient’s braces, moves teeth into their corrected positions faster. The use of this technique can reduce a patient’s time in braces by up to 50%, often meaning a reduction in treatment time from years, to just months.

Look and feel

AcceleDent is a lightweight, easy to use, hands-free device. AcceleDent is used for 20 minutes per day, with patients reporting that it is not a laborious or uncomfortable task. Activities like reading, browsing the web or watching TV can easily be done while using the device.

Is accelerated orthodontics right for you?

If any traditional orthodontic treatment has been recommended to you (metal braces, clear aligners or any other appliance), you can consider accelerated orthodontics.

If treatment time is your main concern as you think about or begin wearing your braces, accelerated orthodontics is something to consider. With time cited as a huge anxiety for many patients, accelerated orthodontics could certainly be a remedy to your concerns.

About our guest blogger :

Dr. Angelos Alvanos D.M.D., M.S. Ortho., is the Principal at Hampstead Orthodontic Practice in North West London. Originally from the U.S., Dr. Alvanos is committed to orthodontic research, as well as caring for his patients at the London practice. Angelos received a nomination for Best Orthodontist in 2013, which acknowledges his commitment to excellence in orthodontic care.