Interesting Facts About Smiling

When we take the time to think about smiling, it’s truly an amazing part of being human as smiling is indeed a universal language everyone understands. Here are some interesting facts about smiling of which many people are not aware.

Babies Don’t Learn to Smile – They’re Born with the Ability
Smiling is a natural, innate response with which babies are born. Babies can actually smile when exposed to happy environments even if they are unable to see anyone smiling around them.

Smiling Keeps You Healthy
Not only is smiling fun, but it can also help safeguard your overall health. When you smile, your body is in a relaxed state, which assists in boosting the immune system to keep you healthy and strong.

Smiling is More Beautiful than Makeup
When surveyed, nearly 70 percent of people said they believe that smiling makes a person look more attractive than does makeup.

Seeing People Smile Provides You with an Emotional Lift
When study subjects are shown an image of a smiling face, they experience a brief emotional high. When compared to other groups, those who were shown a smiling face perceive the world as being a more positive place.

A Smile Makes You Sound Friendly
Smiling while talking on the telephone actually makes you sound friendlier even though the person you’re talking to cannot see you. This is why phone representatives are told to smile when speaking on the phone as doing so helps achieve better customer service.

Your Whole Demeanor Changes When You Smile
When you smile because you’re truly happy, your entire demeanor changes. Your facial muscles change from the top of your forehead to the edge of your chin including the eye muscles which all react in a way that cannot be faked. You appear relaxed and confident when there’s a smile on your face, which signals to others you’re a pleasant and approachable person.

The More We Smile, The Happier We Are
Chemicals called endorphins are released by the brain when we smile. These chemicals are responsible for making us feel happy. Therefore, the more we smile the happier we tend to be which means smiling for no particular reason at all is just as good as smiling when you feel positive emotions.

Smiling Can Make You Look Successful
When you smile, you are conveying confidence, competence and professionalism, all of which are traits that make you look successful. Smiling also tells other people that you’re in control, flexible and at ease.

A Smile Means the Same Thing All Over the World
Even though the world is so big and diverse with scores of cultures all speaking different languages, a smile means the same thing no matter where you happen to be. A smile is one of the few things all men, women and children have in common.

A Smile is Memorable
A single smile only takes a split second to display but the memory of that one smile can last forever. A smile enriches those who receive it without impoverishing those who give it, making your smile a valuable, precious gift.