Enjoy a Braces-Friendly Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving festivities include a lot of delicious foods that most of us look forward to eating. For those who are undergoing orthodontic treatment, there are certain foods that should be avoided because they can your damage braces.

To protect your smile this Thanksgiving, here are a list of dishes you can safely enjoy while wearing braces.

Thanksgiving Braces-Friendly Foods

There are all types of braces-friendly foods you can enjoy including:

• Mashed potatoes

• Soft casseroles

• Pasta dishes

• Turkey and other tender meats cut into bite-sized pieces

• Dressing and stuffing that doesn’t contain nuts or other crunchy foods

• Sweet potatoes

• Steamed vegetables

• Cornbread muffins and soft rolls torn into bite-sized pieces

• Pudding, Jell-O and mousse

• Soft pumpkin bars

• Pumpkin pie with soft crust

• Cakes, cupcakes and soft cookies

Foods to Avoid

Some foods to avoid this Thanksgiving include:

• Ribs, turkey drumsticks and wings

• Hard crusted rolls and chewy breads like bagels

• Raw vegetables like carrots and celery

• Corn on the cob

• Nuts of all types

• Chips and crunchy snacks, including popcorn

• Hard or chewy candy

From all of us at OrthoAccel® Technologies Inc., we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!