Coffee and Your Teeth

A typical morning routine for many adults includes enjoying a cup, or two, of hot coffee. Drinking coffee in the morning helps many of us wake up and get a good start on the day. While coffee is the morning beverage of choice for many people, it can have some negative effects on your teeth.

As an acidic beverage, the tannic acid in coffee that makes the dark color can wear out the enamel on teeth, which with time, can lead to tooth decay. This acid is also responsible for staining teeth as it works its way into the grooves and crevices of tooth enamel to darken teeth.

How to Reduce the Staining Effect Coffee Has on Teeth

Limit your Coffee Intake:

The best way to avoid coffee stains on teeth is to give up drinking coffee completely. However, instead of sacrificing coffee, cutting back on how much coffee you drink can reduce teeth staining.

Change How You Drink Coffee:

Many dental experts suggest drinking a glass of water following every cup of coffee consumed to help flush the stain-causing beverage off the surfaces of teeth. For those who prefer drinking iced coffee, a good solution is to sip the coffee through a straw so the staining agents don’t come in contact with the front upper and lower teeth.

Brush After Drinking Coffee:

Brushing your teeth immediately after drinking coffee can also help reduce staining.