Celebrities with Braces

Flipping through the pages of a magazine, it’s difficult not to notice the flawless smiles on every page.  It seems as if celebrities were born with perfect teeth; however, you might be surprised that many of these stars have used orthodontic braces to achieve their glamorous smiles.

Celebrities who have worn metal braces include actress Dakota Fanning, Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin, Prince Harry, actress and model Emma Watson, and Hollywood film stars Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie.  Many stars are now turning to the latest orthodontic technology to correct their malocclusions.  For instance, pop musician Justin Bieber wears Invisalign Teen® clear aligners to straighten his teeth.

Dakota Fanning Justin Bieber

                         Dakota Fanning                                           Justin Bieber

And it’s not just child and teenage stars who have worn braces. The number of adults wearing braces has grown rapidly in recent years.  In 2002, actor and producer Tom Cruise began orthodontic treatment with braces at the age of 39.  Actor Nicholas Cage, pop star Gwen Stefani and country music singer Faith Hill have also worn braces as adults.       

 Actor Tom Cruise Visits Air and Space MuseumFaith Hill

                        Tom Cruise                                                      Faith Hill

As it turns out, not even Olympic athletes, pop stars, princes, or Hollywood actors are exempt from orthodontic treatment.  Many have used orthodontics to help gain the confidence they need in front of the cameras.  With braces, you too can gain confidence in your appearance and achieve that red carpet smile you’ve always wanted!