5 Orthodontic Myths

Have you ever considered orthodontic treatment but thought that it may take too long or be too painful? Below, these and other myths about orthodontic treatment are set straight!


Myth: People with complex orthodontic problems are the only patients who can benefit from orthodontics.

Fact: Orthodontists have the expertise and experience needed to diagnose and treat cases ranging in severity, from simple to complex.


Myth: Orthodontic treatment is just for teens.

Fact: Today, one in five orthodontic patients is an adult, and according to the American Association of Orthodontists, that number is on the rise. There are many orthodontic treatment options designed specifically for patients of all ages.


Myth: Orthodontics take years to straighten and perfect teeth.

Fact: The length of time for orthodontic treatment depends on what problem(s) are being addressed and the severity of the case. There are accelerated treatment options that will help speed tooth movement and reduce length of treatment. AcceleDent® is the first and only noninvasive, FDA-cleared Class II medical device that speeds up orthodontic treatment by as much as 50 percent.


Myth: Orthodontics cause a lot of pain

Fact: Orthodontics can be initially uncomfortable and following regular appointments, but treatment becomes more comfortable as the patient adjusts. Leading orthodontists and their patients who have used AcceleDent to speed their orthodontic treatment report that it reduces the discomfort associated with wearing braces.


Myth: Orthodontics are very noticeable and can be embarrassing to wear.

Fact: With the advances made in orthodontic appliance technology over the past few years, braces are now smaller, more attractive and less noticeable than ever before. Options include clear ceramic and lingual braces in addition to clear removable aligners. Visit with your local orthodontist to learn more and discover the best treatment option for you.