5 Activities You Can Accomplish While Using Your AcceleDent®

AcceleDent is a hands-free, easy-to-use device that helps speed orthodontic treatment. Patients who use this innovative device appreciate how it helps accelerate their treatment while being easy to use.

Since you do not need to hold anything in your hands while using AcceleDent for the prescribed 20 minutes each day, you can easily integrate it into your everyday life. Here are five activities you can accomplish while using AcceleDent:

Do Some Writing

Writing is a fun way to express yourself. You can spend 20 minutes writing a short story, song, poem or a diary entry. You may discover that once you start a writing project it’s hard to stop, so pick up a pen and paper and let those creative juices flow!

Shop Online

Whether it’s the holiday season, your best friend’s birthday or you’re just itching to buy a new pair of shoes, shopping online has become a modern day staple. Avoid the long lines and hustle and bustle of shopping by sitting on your couch and scanning the web for the perfect gift—all while speeding up your orthodontic treatment. AcceleDent can make spending 20 minutes online shopping twice as productive.

Organize Your Closet

If your closet is in disarray, why not spend a few minutes sorting through your clothing so you can put things back in order? Once you’re done, you won’t dread having to open your closet door to face a big mess anymore as everything will be folded and well-organized.

Clean Out Your Inbox

No one likes to open their inbox and see tons of new e-mails from, subscriptions you mistakenly made months or even years ago. You could spend 20 minutes a day speeding up your orthodontic treatment and clearing out your e-mail subscriptions. Use an app like Unroll.Me which allows you to unsubscribe from all your emails right from your phone.

Move Your Body!

Instead of vegging out in front of the TV, consider getting in some much-needed exercise. Whether yoga is your thing or you want to learn a new dance, spending 20 minutes moving is beneficial to both your muscles and mind.

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