10 Tips to Boost Your Daily Confidence

Feeling good about yourself is easy. Here are ten confidence boosters to try out this year.

1. Adjust your posture

Let your shoulders fall back into their natural position and practice keeping your head level. Standing up straight has many benefits, including:

• Decreasing strain on neck and shoulders
• Creating space to breathe freely
• Giving off a confident and positive attitude

2. Put on some high-energy music

Create a playlist of songs that get your blood moving. Use this playlist to give yourself an emotional boost anytime you are feeling less confident.

3. Make time for your friends

Everyone has busy lives, but making time for your friends is important. You will feel better about yourself and your friendships will be strengthened as a result.

4. Make time for fitness

A trip to the gym is always time well spent. Exercise releases endorphins that continue to improve your mood long after you have stopped sweating.

5. Imagine positive outcomes

Visualizing success and positive interactions will make you feel more confident about stepping into unfamiliar situations.

6. Remember genuine compliments

Heartfelt expressions of praise and admiration can be written down to help with recall and make you feel good.

7. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to feel good about yourself and know that you are doing something valuable for others.

8. Do something nice for a friend

Brightening a person’s day is a good way to lift your own spirits. Express your gratitude for their hard work or for being a friend.

9. Try new things

Visiting a new restaurant, learning a new language or taking a new route home from work can change your perspective in positive ways. You never know what you might discover!

10. Smile frequently

A smile instantly makes you more appealing and lifts your spirits.