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Tooth Twins

“Tooth Twins”

In the September issue of Orthodontic Products, Dr. Manal Ibrahim shared some of her “Tooth Twin” cases to demonstrate how she is able to achieve unprecedented precision in her aligner therapy cases when integrating AcceleDent into her treatment plan. Take a look at the case gallery below to see comprehensive images of four sets of Dr. Ibrahim’s “Tooth Twins.” These “Tooth Twins”  compare patients who presented with similar diagnoses, but were treated with different mechanics.

Conclusion: In addition to noting that her tray change protocol for aligner patients is seven days, Dr. Ibrahim also says that, prior to offering AcceleDent at her practice in Naperville, Illinois, she would not have treated any of these patients with aligners because she could only achieve the desired precision and predictability with braces. “My Tooth Twin cases demonstrate that I can achieve the same if not better outcomes with aligner therapy + AcceleDent as I can with braces.”

Want to Learn More? Watch our On Demand Webinar featuring Dr. Ibrahim and her “Tooth Twin” patients.

Patients #1 & 2:

Tooth Twins: Class II—Distalization

View more patient photos:

Patient 1: Initial    Final

Patient 2: Initial    Final

Patients #3 & 4:

Tooth Twins: Blocked-Out Canines

View more patient photos:

Patient 3: Initial    Final

Patient 4: Initial    Final

Patients #5 & 6:

Tooth Twins: Spacing

View more patient photos:

Patient 5: Initial    Final

Patient 6: Initial    Final

Patients #7 & 8:

Tooth Twins: Exposure/Extrusion

View more patient photos:

Patient 7: Initial     Initial X-Ray

Patient 8: Extrusion Series   Initial X-Ray