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Non-extraction treatment of severe crowding with the aid of cyclic forces and corticotomy- Dr Gaetano Turatti

In this article, you will see Dr Gaetano Turatti demonstrate the effectiveness of using non-invasive accelerated technology to provide patients with not only accelerated tooth movements, but more importantly predictable tooth movement where teeth can be moved safely. It is important that while we attend to the patient’s requests, safely moving teeth and the stability of our own results are very important and must be stressed.

Various non-surgical approaches have been reported to achieve the acceleration of orthodontic movement more recently, devices(AcceleDent Optima, Propel Orthodontics) have been described that can accelerate tooth movement through the transmission of cyclic vibratory forces at a low frequency(30hz). Such a device includes a mouthpiece and is to be used by the patient for 20 minutes per day.


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