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Maxillary Impaction with Aligners, TADs, and Low Pulsatile Forces – Dr. Jasmine Gorton

Since general practitioners are now treating a lot of the easier aligner cases themselves, orthodontists are now primarily treating more complex cases, thereby totally redefining the “bread and butter” of what orthodontists typically treat. These are cases that orthodontists previously referred for surgery and/or cases that could only be treated with braces, taking 3 to 4 years to complete. Many patients prefer the aesthetic appeal of clear aligners instead of traditional braces and are unwilling to remain in treatment for multiple years, no matter how complex the case. These same patients want to improve their smiles for health, social, or professional reasons and they shouldn’t have to compromise on their treatment goals and expectations. That’s why it’s important now more than ever for orthodontists to develop innovative techniques and to consider how technologies can help them achieve a quality clinical result in a timely manner while reducing discomfort for patients. This case shows several of the technologies and products that we use in our practice that help us deliver the quality clinical results our patients expect.

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