About Braces

Recently Get Your Braces Tightened? Six Helpful Tips to Ease the Pain

If you visited the orthodontist in the past week to get your braces tightened, you might feel some discomfort around your teeth and gums. Don’t worry, this is normal! Each time you have a check-up, your orthodontist makes adjustments to

It’s Never Too Late for a Perfect Smile

In today’s world, adults deal with an infinite amount of choices and decisions, but most agree that a beautiful smile is well worth the time and investment. With new technology, getting the smile you always wanted is entirely within reach;

Celebrities with Braces

Flipping through the pages of a magazine, it’s difficult not to notice the flawless smiles on every page.  It seems as if celebrities were born with perfect teeth; however, you might be surprised that many of these stars have used

Tips for Eating with Braces

I personally have never worn orthodontic braces, but I have had the experience of witnessing family members adapt to a life with braces.  My wife and I are now looking at the prospect of having our son in braces for

3 Braces Basics

There’s no denying that wearing braces requires a lifestyle adjustment. Every person is different and so every person will adjust in his or her own way, but there are some fundamentals that can assist everyone who opts for braces.  

How Do Braces Work?

Everybody’s heard of Isaac Newton. And while you can associate his work with hard stuff such as calculus (he invented it), his main accomplishments had to do with providing proof for stuff most of us take for granted. For example,

Five Helpful and Healthy Hints For Wearing Braces

Congratulations! By opting for braces, you’re on your way to a picture-perfect smile. Let’s touch on a few important practices that will make that journey pleasant and effective. Talk freely to your orthodontist. He or she is fully dedicated to