Doctor Testimonials

Leading orthodontists report AcceleDent® has has improved the predictability of clinical outcomes, accelerated their patients’ treatment and reduced their discomfort.


Dr. Manal Ibrahim

Naperville, IL

AcceleDent practically guarantees that all of the control I want and need to achieve the treatment outcomes that I promise patients will actually happen. AcceleDent works at the cellular level to ensure that the programmed movements in my aligners or my custom suresmile wires will be expressed more


Dr. Straty Righellis

Oakland, CA

AcceleDent works! I’ve found that AcceleDent’s innovative technology accelerates tooth movement at a faster rate than previously experienced. There is enhanced control and precision leading to a more predictable clinical outcome, all while making the treatment experience more comfortable for patients.


Dr. Francesco Garino

Turin, Italy

AcceleDent improves tooth tracking, allowing us to achieve a clinical outcome that more closely aligns with our virtual projections. Specifically, when an aligner treatment protocol is complex, AcceleDent reduces the number and duration of aligner refinements while also reducing the pain patients experience when changing their aligners.


Dr. Kenji Ojima

Tokyo, Japan

A better and faster fit in the aligners improves the predictability of my clinical outcomes.


Dr. David Hamula

Monument, CO

With significantly reduced treatment times, AcceleDent is giving me a completely new paradigm in scheduling patient appointments and completing treatment. I can’t wait to continue using and finishing out our cases with AcceleDent.


Dr. David Henderson

Bloomington, IN

My patients and I are loving AcceleDent. With the shortened treatment time I am convinced that our patients will be better focused throughout treatment, seeing results sooner.


Dr. Robert Rudman

Denver, CO

Patients are often resistant to orthodontic treatment because of length of time involved. AcceleDent gives our patients an attractive option to have the smile they desire in a time frame that they will accept. It’s a win/win situation, and so far the results are impressive.


Dr. Jeremy Mao

New York, NY

Orthodontics has relied on the delivery of static forces to induce tooth movement for over a century. Treatment with braces becomes a seasonal episode instead of a multi-year event.


Dr. Dubravko Pavlin

San Antonio, TX

One of the most exciting things about the technology is that it can be used in all orthodontic patients, regardless of the type of malocclusion. Outcome will most likely be proven to be more stable and the retention period shortened.




My patients say that by using AcceleDent, they have reduced the soreness after their ortho visits by 50%. Who wouldn’t want that? I don’t think we have seen all the benefits of AcceleDent yet. What an exciting time to practice orthodontics!


Dr. Frank Celenza

New York, NY

AcceleDent has proven to be a fantastic adjunct to our orthodontic practice. As a provider, I can attest to its effectiveness, and feedback from patients has been universally positive. Not only has it proven to expedite tooth movement, but nearly everyone reports increased comfort as well.