National Toothbrush Day

In honor of National Toothbrush Day, June 26, here is a little bit of information on something we take for granted – the toothbrush. On June 26, a long time ago, the first toothbrush was invented in China during the Tang Dynasty. These toothbrushes were made of hog bristles and horse hair, something we would not consider in 2013. Bristles made for hogs and horses were common until DuPont® invented nylon in the 1930s – a decade with many other firsts – including the electric toothbrush.

New product variations in the market have changed the way we view oral hygiene in the modern era. With so many choices in toothbrushes available today, choosing the right one can be challenging; however, your decision should be based on your orthodontist’s or dentist’s recommendation and your personal preference. Over the past few years, my dentist and orthodontist have both recommended that I use an electronic toothbrush. I was a little skeptical due to cost, but finally purchased a Philips Sonicare™ toothbrush which I feel was a good change for me. Now, as an owner of an electric toothbrush, I could not imagine going back to a normal, manual toothbrush. And as an Invisalign® patient, it does seem to be easier to brush my teeth and keep my Invisalign trays clean. Most Invisalign patients will attest that how you brush your trays will impact how clean your teeth will feel afterwards.

So today, on National Toothbrush Day, remember that improved oral hygiene began long ago on June 26  when someone thought it would be a great idea to clean their teeth with hog bristles.